A Hero Journey - Ep 2 Part 1 by JDoodle Stories
Overview: A Hero Journey revolves around a 20 year old student who lives in the era of superhuman societies, where people manifest superpowers at the age of 18. At the age of 20, with no superpowers yet to manifest, he yet strives to become a hero.
Erolon: Dungeon Bound v0.04 Alpha by Sex Curse Studio
Overview: In Erolon: Dungeon Bound, you play as a poor farmer who longs to become a dungeon looter, and explore the vast, mysterious land of Erolon. When he stumbles upon a long forgotten temple buried deep in the forest near his home, he sees the
Bones' Tales: The Manor v0.12 by Dr Bones
Overview: You play as David (Or wathever name you choose) a boy who haven't seen his mother and sisters in two years. After the divorce of his parents, he stayed with his father in the city, now, his mother invited him to spend his vacations in a
Bitch Raider v1.00 by SunNTR
Overview: You are Alicia,an notorious thief named Nightingale, and go to an imperial town called Kewade with your assistant and boyfriend,Dick, looking for the lost treasure. In the mean time, a lot of villains, the elderly, young and middle-aged
Shady Lewd Kart Version 1.5 Demo by Shady Corner
Visit / Shady Lewd Kart takes go karting party games and mashes it with a dating sim to give you fast power sliding game play, sexy power-ups and lewd unlocks. Powerslide around crazy tracks from ghost houses, speedways and
Shady Lewd Kart Demo v1.5 by Shady Corner
Overview: Shady Lewd Kart takes go karting party games and mashes it with a dating sim to give you fast power sliding game play, sexy power-ups and lewd unlocks. Powerslide around crazy tracks from ghost houses, speedways and even some of your
Ideology in Friction Completed English by Kagura Games
Visit / Ideology in Friction is the story of two knights, Clacier and Annette. They're forced into an impossible situation where they must make a decision that would change their entire lives, what will become of these two
Mayumi's Cuckolding Report 2 Completed by Atelier Sakura
Censored: Yes/Mosaics Version: Final OS: Windows Language: English Voices: Japanese Overview: Warning: Google translated Mayumi Takasaka, a sensitive wife who got drunk on intense sex with men other than her husband in the previous film. He left his
DuskyHallows - Sanguine Rose v3.4.1 Hotfix2
Sanguine Rose is an erotic visual novel set in a fantasy medieval world, developed by the artist Duski and the programmer Hallows. You play as Roman, a mercenary tasked with the capture and delivery of the enemy's High General, a woman named Carmen
Business of Loving v0.5.1 Incest Edition by Dead-end
Overview: A NSFW visual novel of love, lust and getting down to business. You play as a young, unpaid intern trying to make it in the biggest company in the city, Business Inc! You'll not only have to balance your life dealing with your grueling
Hire Me, Fuck Me, Give Me a Raise! v0.6.51 by White Honey Games
Overview: The gameplay is a click adventure combined with an employee management system. You can hire multiple girls to work for you, talk to them, feed them, change their outfit, give raises to them, have sex with them, and much more. You own your
Valor And Glory - Version 0.1.8 by Leopold Visette
Visit / The game takes place in the world of Euthoria, a country ruled by counts that keep their subjects 'safe' from the creatures of the lands. Raised by nuns, trained by pitiful master and blamed for a crime that you
Artwork Collection by Briel7
Visit / class="mask-bottom ic-l clearfix"> Read Download
Private Investigator v1.0 Completed by KDT.prod
Overview: John, the protagonist of Vampire Lips, is missing! Play as Daryl to investigate John's disappearance. You might discover more secrets than you expected.
Chasing the Stars Version 3.1 by Ertal Games
Visit / After building some satellite cities as a test, the Earth is finally terraforming its first colony, the planet Alaya. Tirs Abril has always dreamt of going to space, and now he's determined to take part in the
Lamia's Exile - Version 0.2c Alpha by Around
Visit / It's a platformer h-game featuring monster girls. Its core features are: simple platform movement, light exploration, hot sprite-on-sprite 2D erotic action, and a pinch of humor.​ v0.2c: - You can resize or go
Monster Love Hotel Version 2019-05 by Wildside Comix
Visit / An adult game featuring sexy monster girls and monster boys! ^_^...basically farmville kinky DLC version
Artwork Collection by Lewdua
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Artwork Collection by David Goujard
Visit / class="mask-bottom ic-l clearfix"> Read Download
Guild Project - Public Build v0.0.09a
The game is being developped using Unity and takes place in a fantasy themed world. The story will revolve around newcomers to The Adventurer's Guild, their interactions with each other and how they work their way towards becoming accomplished guild
Girls and Dungeons 2 v3 by Nebelsoft
Overview: Here comes the second (standalone!) installment of the harem lewd-but-cute dungeon-crawler "Girls and Dungeons"!, Barkeep "Kai" has but one goal - to become a legendary 'Master Bartender'. However, he has yet to make any progress in the
Ben X Slave Quest Ver 0.0.4c by Kdot&Newman
You will initially be able to train Young Gwen, Older Gwen, Charmcaster, Xylene, and Julie Yamamoto , but this list may change as we go further into development as we will be adding more girls to the roster when we have then Main game finished such
Paprika Trainer v0.03 by Exiscoming
Developer Notes: SPOILER I'm hoping to go al out on this one. With plenty of art (and possible animations), story, items and outfits and of course lots and lots of dripping, nasty, unforgivable p-.... family friendly content! So let's get some
Club: La Bête Ver 0.008 by BnBigus
Overview: In the game La Bête, all universes from your favorite cartoons, movie and video game are linked by a shared city. You take the role of the manager of your newly acquired night club in that very place. You'll have to make sure your
Pure Onyx une Test Release by Eromancer
Overview: Beat em' up side scroller. CHANGELOG / FIXED BUGS (since May 7 test release) Added basic versions of the Chain Splicer enemy and the first boss. They currently have limited move sets and are not yet rigged for full animation. Added a new H
Infernus: The Descent 0.0.13 by Team Infernus
In this erotic RPG, you play a succubus or incubus fighting to reclaim her power after 3000 years of slumber. Fight and fuck your way through the levels of Hell to collect power and rebuild your house until you are the strongest demon in Hell.
Emmerzail: Orsia Arc v0.80a by Raindrops
The story is about an incubus named Emmerzail who was sealed by the Hero, Aldrinn, in Chapel Orsia 20 years before the beginning of the story. Now, he is plotting to release himself and regain the powers he had lost over the years in his confines
Sierra Lee The last Sovereign Ver 0.43.2
Overview: The Last Sovereign is an adult fantasy RPG that plunges you into the saga of a world torn between forces of lust and purity. As you enter the complex conflict, you forge a new path that will change the course of history! ...maybe. The
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